Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Let's get this party started

This blog is a team effort for myself and my mom and our journey to lose weight. We decided that we were unhappy with our current weight and did what everyone does this time of year-made a New Year's resolution to change our bad habits and take off the weight.

Today is the day to start those changes and I admit that my heart is not in it today. I was up all night with my daughter and didn't get much sleep. Then this morning, I pulled a muscle in my back. My day has been spent laying flat on my back, doing nothing but watching television. My goals today were to weigh and measure my lumps, and jump on my exercise bike. But instead I have been dreaming of salt and vinager chips. Not a good start. I have resisted the temptation, by remembering that it is boredom that makes me want to snack and not hunger. Thats a good start, right?

We will include in our sidebar as time goes on, our measurements every month to document inches lost. Our weight and progress will be there as well. This is our place to write how we feel and help motivate each other and others. It is a huge undertaking but one that will reap so many benefits.

The side effects from being overweight are felt throughout our whole bodies. I just want energy and the strength to keep up with my kids and to be able to face the world. No more of my childrens friends innocently asking if I am having a baby. No more trying to find clothes that hide this or that. Just comfort with me. Mom has many health problems associated to her weight and I am sure she will share them.

And that is where we begin. We have accepted our fat and are ready to take control. A life where we will control our bodies and not our bodies controling us. One year to change a habit and begin anew.

In the next fews days, I am going to share my weight and my goals. Yep the whole blogasphere is going to know just how much I weigh. Something noone else, including myself know. Should be interesting. Ok, let's do this...


Blogger Morgan said...


I am in the same boat. Not to mention I have PCT too. I am also trying to lose weight. You can do it. Stop on over and leave me a note. I will watching to see how you are doing from the land down under

March 01, 2006 4:17 AM  

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