Thursday, March 08, 2007

Blue Bunny, Vanilla Ice Cream...the perfect comfort food!

And let me tell you, I have needed comfort. The last month and a half has been unbelievable!

January 15...Hubby had surgery on his back
...My daughter has an unconfirmed miscarriage

January 16...Hubby comes home from Hospital

January 18...I wake up with bronchitis, doctor calls in a prescription

January 22...Still no better, go in to doctor this time, still bronchitis, and Asthma flared up too
...start taking stronger anti-biotics and prednisone too, and inhaler...I tend to agree with hubby, this sucks.

February...I am suffering from taking steroids and having my psuedo tumor acting up again...still sick!

February 2...My ex brother in law passes away

February 9...Jack's funeral

February 10...Family get together, met my nephew's daughter that was given up for adoption-my first time out after being so sick. Still very weak.

February 13...My daughter is confirmed pregnant again!

February niece has her fifth baby boy

February 16...finally was able to work in the afternoon again

February 18...Daughter is really sick and has spotted a couple of times

February 22...My daughter is really bleeding this time

My Niece's new baby is in the hospital...respiratory problems

February 28...Daughter in ER, extreme pain, threatened miscarriage, put on bedrest

March...My niece's Baby is home and doing good

March 3...My Daughter is back in ER. They now think that she is not going to miscarry, but that this baby is growing in the tube.

March 4...Grandaughter's 14th Birthday. We just got home and settled in to relax before bed and got a call from my daughter that she is on her way to the hospital again. Not for her this time. My son in law went to pick up my grandson from his Dad's just before we left, and he was in pain and sick. So I met them at emergency, about 10 minutes later they called in the surgeon, his appendics needed to come out, NOW! They called in a team, and they took him in at midnite.

March 5...Braden came thru the surgery like a champ and I left around 3:30 am. I spent the next hour decompressing, and finally went to bed. I woke up around 7:00-7:30, and couldn't go back to sleep. Went to other hospital at 11:00 for my mother in law's shoulder surgery. She did great, even tho it was more extensive than they thought. Braden went home in early evening.

March 6...Had to go into my Mom's in the next state to take her to the eye doctor. Checked on my daughter and grandson, everybody is doing fine and gonna take a nap. FORGOT TO TAKE MY PHONE! Got a call after we returned to Mom's from my daughter and she is in the ER again and may be admitted. 85 on freeway, no problem! She is in ultrasound when I get there and they still can't tell what is going on. But she has not ruptured and finally has been able to get an OB appointment, which is the next day so considering her to be in stable condition they sent her home with pain meds.

March 7...OB appointment, they still can not see the baby, even though she IS pregnant, and they even had one of the 4D ultrasounds. So they didn't want to do anything until they could be sure of what is going on, so she has another appointment on Friday.

March at church

March 9...1:00 pm Leave for women's retreat...boy do I need this!
2:00 pm Melanie's Dr. Appointment
I am really torn about going, with not knowing what is going to happen at her appointment. I would go up later, but I am working registration at three.

Is this a good enough excuse for not posting?

Oh and I guess that really explains why I have gone thru atleast 3-4 gallons of ice cream and gained 3 or 4 gallons of weight also!

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