Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Girl

Hey, I am actually getting excited for next week! I am looking forward to eating healthier. Guess I better be looking through my recipes and figuring out my menus.
My knee is still giving me fits so walking is not something I can do as yet, but hopefully soon!
I sure do miss everybody. Maybe tomorrow I can catch up on a few of my favorite blogs.
Cheryl, You are an encourager for me. 12 weeks on ww...that's great! How have you done? Can't wait to hear!
Hope I am doing this "Happy Dance" after my first weigh in!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oh, Ice Cold Frosty Glass of Water!

Now doesn't that sound good? Then why am I drinking less than 4 glasses a day? I didn't used to have a problem getting my water in each day. Of course I had to make that my first thing that I was going to more Mountain Dew and drink lots of water.

I am not drinking the Dew (even tho I wanted one today really really bad), but I also am not drinking my water. Today for instance, I had a half a glass with my pills this morning and have not had any since. It is after 5:00 pm. What's up with that? And when is my natural thirst going to come back? Oh yeah...I have to get my body used to water again and then it gets thirsty on it's own...geez!

Guess I will just have to set a timer, and have one cup every hour! Wonder how many times I can run to the other side of the church to go potty in one day? Hmmmm! Atleast I will get my exercise!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Ok...Step One

Just had my last Mountain Dew! Starting tomorrow it's water for me! Wish me luck!

If Anyone Still Reads This...

If anyone still reads this...then you know I have not been away on vacation, nope...I have not been way too busy to post...I have not been, not any of those things!

I have been too ashamed to post! I have not been watching what I am eating. I have not even cared what I was eating. I have not been getting any exercise. I have been drinking Mountain Dew. I have not been taking my meds regularly.

It is hard to show your face on here when you are not being good. Especially when you are not even trying to be good. It's not that I don't know what to do! I know exactly what I should and shouldn't be doing. I feel terrible about myself right now. Slowly, I am getting past that. I know I am setting the wheels in motion to get back to being healthier again. In fact Hubby is picking up my new meds as we speak (or as I type!)

I am looking through my healthy recipes today and will figure out what I need to get to start eating right again. the exercise will have to wait for awhile as I have something wrong with my knee. (probably all the weight I have put back on) I am not sure when I will be ready to get on to eating right etc. It is looking like it will be sometime next week! Sounds like it is doable. One thing I am definately going to need is the support of my weight loss buddies. So if you are out there, and still check in once in awhile...let me know with a comment! You are my accountability partners. I miss you all!

Oh and if you have found some good healthy recipes, expecially quick and easy ones to take for work lunches, please share! I am working now and it is definately harder having to plan instead of just fixing something when you are at home. Talk to you soon!