Monday, May 26, 2008

Not gonna be weighing in for awhile...

Went to the doctor on Friday cuz it felt like my cough was getting worse and my chest was tightening up and not as loose as it had been. I figured it was just asthma, but just in case it was working on a good case of bronchitis as well, figured I better go in. (I have chronic bronchitis, and the last couple of times my asthma has been flared up also) By the time I got back to my car I was ready for anti-depressants and strong ones. I don't know why it affected me like it did, but I was mad at my doc, depressed, feeling hopeless, and just felt like dissolving into a puddle of tears.
He put me on strong anti biotics and prednisone again! For one thing, I am not supposed to have prednisone or any steroids as it flares up my psuedotumor cerebri. I do not want to have a brain shunt, much less the brain surgery to put it in! It took me so long to get my body working again after the last round of steroids. I had one of the medpacks of prednisone for five days and then a month of inhaled steroids. It got where I couldn't breathe from so much fluids. I was really short of breath. I really thought I was going to have a heart attack. My Dad died of complications from a stroke that had left him bedridden for a number of years, following heart bypass surgery for the second heart attack and second bypass. Needless to say I was a little worried.
A bunch of us at work went on the same healthy eating program and I had been doing well, having lost 16 pounds and most of the fluid and really starting to feel better when I got sick again. Now I know I will be right back where I started again.
The only thing that was not doing better was my blood sugar levels. I had been keeping track for the last month to show the doctor the next time I went in. I need to try some other meds. He wouldn't even talk to me about it as the prednisone will send them up much higher anyway. Of course this really thrills me too. I need to get new glasses, but can't even have the exam while my blood sugars are up. I did this once before I was monitoring my blood and when I got my glasses my blood was normal again and couldn't see clearly out of the glasses and had to send them back to be remade. My current glasses are so bad now, and scratched too!
It's really not going to do me any good to be on a diet right now as I have so much working against me. So I will let you know when I am going to start over again! Bring on the prozac!


Sunday, May 18, 2008

I know it is only Sunday!

It is Sunday and not Monday, but I will be too busy in the morning to post, so thought I would do it now! I weighed this morning. I was very surprised that I had lost another 3 pounds. I have not been eating properly for the last six days as I have been feeling so much like crap! So pretty much I have eaten what sounded good to me, no matter what it was. A strange thing has happened while I have been on this program. I have been satisfied with less. That is a very big deal for me! I usually can put away quite a bit of food. In the past couple weeks, I have wanted less. It must be from eating smaller meals, but knowing that I can have a snack in a couple hours. Maybe it is changing my metabolism. That would be the most awesome thing to ever happen to me! Coolio, I tell ya!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sorry So Silent!

I am sick, sick as a dog, in fact! Yesterday, I could care less what I ate...didn't care how many calories, how many carbs, much less how many powerfoods! If it felt good I ate it. I slept thru most of the day. And here it is 11:30 and I am just getting up and having breakfast/snack/lunch. Ya know what really sucks? It is sposed to be 88 is gorgeous out there. It was still snowing a little over two weeks ago. I have been waiting for this day to get some things done in my yard. And here I am, can't even breathe, and all the energy of a brand new mommy after two weeks with a newborn and no sleep!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Hi, it's me again!

It's Monday, the day that I weigh in and, of course, I had a big Mother's Day dinner last night, after eight at night! My daughter and oldest son took me to the casino yesterday. I won a rather nice jackpot, and we were all hungry so it was the Mother's Day buffet for us! I found it all very curious tho. I filled my plate as usual. took a bite of the fish and ate the breaded shrimp (I know, I'm bad!) I sent almost the whole plate back. Then I had seen some pasta salad that looked good so I got a little of each. Took a bite and that was enough. You are allowed one cheat meal a week, so I figured this was it. But I couldn't seem to eat much of any of it, even the little tiny slice of cheesecake (and I love cheesecake), I still only ate a couple bites. What is happening to me? I am not complaining, just perplexed!

Last week I did not record my weight loss, because there wasn't any. I had lost 3 pounds during the week but by Monday it had found its way back to me! Hate it when that happens! This week, I lost it again and lost another pound with it. Pray it doesn't find its way back home! So in 3 weeks I have lost 13 pounds. That's a good start and not losing it as fast, which I think is good. And I don't feel deprived! Have a good week!


Friday, May 02, 2008

I'm amazed!

Well, fluid or no fluid, I am still amazed at the changes I am seeing in me since I started on the AB's diet a week ago Monday. My clothes are actually less than two weeks! My body is changing shape, and I have lost 12 pounds.
I am almost scared to say it for fear it will run away, but I actually had a burst of energy this morning. Ouuuuu! I have not had that for a long time.
I am not feeling at all deprived on this either. There are lots of good foods to eat and really nothing is forbidden. It is about teaching you what to eat all the time, what to eat occasionally, and what to eat rarely. It's a life change for sure with no counting, no measuring. How many people can keep that up for their whole life? Too much prep always killed me on any of the other programs I have been on. You do need to cook and prepare meals etc. but you don't have to worry about how many calories, fat grams, or points every little morsel is.
Happy Friday!