Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hope you all had a great Christmas with family and friends! Mine was very relaxing. Yeah! Didn't mean I didn't eat things I shouldn't, but you know I am not into deprivation! I am living not dieting!

My surgery to clean out my knee is next Tuesday. I weigh in that morning, if I remember before I have to be there. Please pray for my surgery to help so that I can be more active. I really am looking forward to being able to exercise and have a lot less pain. I have a lot of people praying for me. I think I am really ready to do this.

I have lost 10 pounds now and that is a good start so now my next goal is another 20 pounds. Then I am hoping to maintain it for a week or two and start being careful again til I lose another 20, and so on and so on! I don't want to be crazy about this, just 20 pound segments, beings I usually come to a screeching halt at 30 pounds. Maybe I can trick my body and not make it think that it is starving this way!

Hope you all have a fun and safe New Year!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!

Wow it has been crazy lately. I'm trying to finish Christmas gifts, attending Open Houses, potlucks, Girl's Night Out Christmas Parties, and family Christmas Parties...Eeek!

We found out my surgery on my knee, (the one they can't guarantee will help) is going to cost us over $700. And it is due before surgery. The surgery is scheduled for 4 days after Christmas. Who has that kind of money right after Christmas? We are trying to decide whether to spend the money and hope it works, or bag the whole thing. My knee is not getting better by any means. How will I be able to lose any weight without being able to walk etc.?

I got on the scale this morning to make sure I had not gotten too crazy as I have not been journaling my food intake or making sure of much of anything except taking my vitamins and meds. I am down to 252. Whats up with that? Being less than good and losing? Well, atleast I have not gone crazy on portions. I find I am not wanting all that much food, just often! I have gotten pretty sick when I get busy and don't eat often enough. I truly am not dieting, that's for sure! I will be anxious to see what the scale says by Tuesday when I weigh in officially.

Hope you all have a great Christmas and enjoy celebrating the birthday of our Lord and Savior!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Way too many holiday temptations right now! I'm surrounded!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

First week summary

Ok, the first week went better than expected! I am not dieting...Yeah! And I lost 8 pounds!

I was aware of every bite and somehow didn't have any emotional eating. I did go to a Christmas party. I sampled what I wanted and what I wanted was more real food than sweets. I did try some of the sweets. The ones I didn't "love", I dumped in the trash-don't tell on me!

I drank all my water and of course took my vitamins. That was my two basic goals for this week. I didn't plan my menu ahead but I did eat at home 5 nights this week. Now for this coming week I am going to add...4-5 fruits and veggies a day, and try to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. I don't think I am going to worry about planning meals so much until the first of the year as there are so much activities coming up and who knows what I will have to eat after my surgery too!

We have two get togethers on Sunday, both with lots of nummy food! One is an open house at our friends and one is a family Christmas Party. I am really hoping that I can be sensible and not totally pig out like I normally would. We'll see!

Vampires and Arguements!

Gosh how time flies...I'd like to say it was cuz I was having fun, but actually it was all my daughter's fault. She loaned me her copy of "Twilight" to read. Now I need "New Moon" Geez...I have Christmas sewing to do, and tons of shopping. I can't spend all my time reading. But then it is Edward we are talking about...hmmmm!

But back to my getting healthy goals...I really am learning alot by tracking what I am eating and what I am not eating and when I eat and when I don't want to eat. Like last night when Hubby and I got in a fight, he took off for a bit to cool off and all I wanted to do was run over to Wendy's and have a cheeseburger and fries and I probably wouldn't have stopped myself from having a pop either and maybe even a frosty. I was able to restrain myself. I had been cooking green beans and ham hocks for hubby all day so I opted for some of those instead. I was not in the mood to fix him anything else so that was it for dinner. Wasn't the greatest for me and not very balanced but better than Wendy's.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


It's almost 11:00 am and I have not had breakfast. I really need to eat before I get on the computer!
Lost 5 pounds in fluid since yesterday! Woohoo! That should help my knee.

I am on the journey

Just getting ready to go to bed, but thought I better track my progress for today. I have become a night owl lately. Maybe I need to keep track of my sleep also as I know it does not help weight loss and can actually cause weight gain if you don't get enough sleep. I have problems sleeping anyway, both getting to sleep and then staying asleep.

I tracked all my food and calories today and was suprised where my total was after dinner. It is about at my ideal calories (according to what Prism set me at). Hmmm! I also noticed that I had to force 1/2 an orange down me this morning and was starving at lunch. Need to fix a better breakfast with protein and good carbs. And with my diabetes I should be having two to three snacks a day. I had a snack after dinner but nothing all day. A lot to be learned here!

I was able to drink all my water, and had some light cran-grape also (40 calories/8 oz.) All in all, it was a pretty good day. Sure got my exercise running up and down the stairs getting rid of all that water. My bathrooms are either upstairs or downstairs (none on the main floor). Good for my exercise but not so great on my knee.

Watched Biggest Loser tonight. Very inspiring! More than anything, I have learned by watching the show that I am worth it...I deserve to get healthy and lose the weight and quit hating myself. I need to forgive myself for getting this way and move on and get past it and quit punishing myself.

I have always known how hard it is to lose weight, but it is not nearly as hard as it is to forgive yourself and to examine your inner most heart and soul to find out the reasons behind the weight, and what keeps you here. It is reeally a journey and I feel like I am ready to peel back the layers and look inside now. I am beginning my journey. I hope you will be here to help support me along the way.