Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I am on the journey

Just getting ready to go to bed, but thought I better track my progress for today. I have become a night owl lately. Maybe I need to keep track of my sleep also as I know it does not help weight loss and can actually cause weight gain if you don't get enough sleep. I have problems sleeping anyway, both getting to sleep and then staying asleep.

I tracked all my food and calories today and was suprised where my total was after dinner. It is about at my ideal calories (according to what Prism set me at). Hmmm! I also noticed that I had to force 1/2 an orange down me this morning and was starving at lunch. Need to fix a better breakfast with protein and good carbs. And with my diabetes I should be having two to three snacks a day. I had a snack after dinner but nothing all day. A lot to be learned here!

I was able to drink all my water, and had some light cran-grape also (40 calories/8 oz.) All in all, it was a pretty good day. Sure got my exercise running up and down the stairs getting rid of all that water. My bathrooms are either upstairs or downstairs (none on the main floor). Good for my exercise but not so great on my knee.

Watched Biggest Loser tonight. Very inspiring! More than anything, I have learned by watching the show that I am worth it...I deserve to get healthy and lose the weight and quit hating myself. I need to forgive myself for getting this way and move on and get past it and quit punishing myself.

I have always known how hard it is to lose weight, but it is not nearly as hard as it is to forgive yourself and to examine your inner most heart and soul to find out the reasons behind the weight, and what keeps you here. It is reeally a journey and I feel like I am ready to peel back the layers and look inside now. I am beginning my journey. I hope you will be here to help support me along the way.


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