Monday, May 12, 2008

Hi, it's me again!

It's Monday, the day that I weigh in and, of course, I had a big Mother's Day dinner last night, after eight at night! My daughter and oldest son took me to the casino yesterday. I won a rather nice jackpot, and we were all hungry so it was the Mother's Day buffet for us! I found it all very curious tho. I filled my plate as usual. took a bite of the fish and ate the breaded shrimp (I know, I'm bad!) I sent almost the whole plate back. Then I had seen some pasta salad that looked good so I got a little of each. Took a bite and that was enough. You are allowed one cheat meal a week, so I figured this was it. But I couldn't seem to eat much of any of it, even the little tiny slice of cheesecake (and I love cheesecake), I still only ate a couple bites. What is happening to me? I am not complaining, just perplexed!

Last week I did not record my weight loss, because there wasn't any. I had lost 3 pounds during the week but by Monday it had found its way back to me! Hate it when that happens! This week, I lost it again and lost another pound with it. Pray it doesn't find its way back home! So in 3 weeks I have lost 13 pounds. That's a good start and not losing it as fast, which I think is good. And I don't feel deprived! Have a good week!



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