Monday, April 21, 2008

Holy Cow!

I just ate my first meal with "good food" on this Ab's program...I am stuffed! Note to self: fix lunch and snacks prior to eating breakfast! I don't even want to think about food right now and I need to fix everything else for the day!
I am not posting my weight for today until next week or the week after as I know it is all wacky with fluid from my pseudo tumor cerebri right now. Like 11 pounds or more! It usually takes a couple weeks to get it back under control. But rest assured, I did weigh and did all my measurements for a reference point. Talk about a depressing Monday morning!
I really am not depressed about it tho! I am weighing more than I have in many years and have lots of weight related issues. I should be under the covers crying and refusing to come out! That doesn't work either. I am ready to work on this again. I am ready to make myself feel better! But right now, I gotta run as fast as my fat little legs will carry me to get all this done before I need to be at work so bye....



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