Saturday, September 30, 2006

Gutsy Move!

As I was cleaning and doing some organizing today, I found quite a few things to donate. Purging is a good thing! But even better than that was packing up my summer clothes, and then realizing that they are not going to fit me next summer, so instead of storing them until they no longer fit...I am donating them as well! I am going to be smaller next summer, or even by next spring when I start looking for capris! Kinda scarey to get rid of stuff while it still fits, but it is kind of invigorating also. And freeing, in a strange kinda way. This was like the first step in visualizing myself as thin and healthy. Yep, I think it's gonna work this time.

Friday, September 29, 2006

The week that was!

Gosh, it's Friday again already...where did the week go? It's been a big blur to me! I feel kinda disconnected, ya know like I have been doing all these "havto" kinda things all week , and I have missed the whole week! Geez, my house sure looks like it too! Looks like somebody needs to come in and do some excavation just to find the floor.

Part of that is my sweet little kitty. He is worse at knocking things down and dragging things out than all my kids were put together. And I have been too busy this week to do any housework, or laundry. Guess what I get to do tomorrow? My kitten is spending the weekend at the vets as he was nuetered and declawed this morning. Gonna miss him...but I'm gonna take advantage of the time tomorrow to clean and try to get some organization done. And of course laundry!

Sunday, hubby needs to be at church for both services as he is filling in for the usher's coordinator this month. And then and I have a retreat planning meeting between services. Then we both have to be back at 1:00 for a 6 hour growth group training session. I am looking forward to the training because as part of my new job as Growth Group Coordinator, I had the priviledge to be at the coaches meeting when they went over the outline of our training. It looks like it is going to be very informative and a big help to the leaders.

Foodwise, I am doing pretty well. Although today I went over my points and probably used alot of my flex points as well. We went to the chinese buffet. Haven't been there in a long time. I had a lot of veggies, and chicken and shrimp, but you know those great sauces that everything is cooked in...well, who knows what is in that. I do know that I ate too much because it tasted so good. I still have some work to do there. That is the first time I have overeaten in a month, so I don't feel too bad! Guess, I need to get some good healthy chinese recipes. Anybody use any that are weight watcher friendly?

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Monday, September 25, 2006


Mondays...are the day you dread all weekend...back to work, back to business, no more playing! And more diets are started on Monday than any other day of the week! Why? Because we need a clean slate...because it signifies the end of all our playing, I got deep there for a minute! sorry, it won't happen again!

It really doesn't make sense to start on Monday...isn't that kinda like setting yourself up to fail? You weigh in the day after the weekend, the time that is the hardest for everyone...the times when friends get together and there is always food involved...and Sunday dinners at Gramma's house!

Well, I did it this time around too! It's Monday, and it's weigh in day! Duh duh da duh! Dumb huh? Actually for me, it was self preservation. I need to be held accountable! It was my way of not going totally nuts on the weekend! I am happy to say it is somehow working for me, so far! I lost another 3 pounds this week!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Ya still with me?

Sorry I haven't been blogging this week! I have been feeling puny and trying to take care of me! Sadly I have not done any exercise this week, thanks to not feeling well. My eating has been pretty good, except for ww ice cream. It has felt so good to my throat, but empty calories. I will stop that when I am feeling better.

My challenge for this week, was a breakfast we had to kick off our new Bible Study. I had no idea the points on some of the things but, I did pretty well! I did have cupcake size no sugar applesauce raisin muffins and fruit and half a deviled egg, and 1/2 cup orange juice. Considering I could have had coffee cake or sticky buns, I thought I did pretty well!

Gotta run, take care!

Monday, September 18, 2006

With Trepidation...

Well, it is confession time!

Friday night, I had a dinner at my husband's bosses house. I had never met the boss! (talk about nervous!)
As it turned out, he is a very nice man, with a friendly wife, and two cute kids. They made us feel very welcome and comfortable in their beautiful home. Unfortunately, he is a great host and not happy until everyone is partaking in the snacks, drinks etc. He literally put a cup of punch in my hand, beings I would not drink a cocktail. Him and his wife are from India, as was one of the other couples. Great food, but I had no idea how to track it so I didn't. I had eaten light all day, hopefully to compensate. I had been hit with allergies or a cold the day before, the jury's still out on this! I could not resist a little of the ice cream that they were serving to put on the dessert. It felt so good to my throat and stuffy head.

Then there was Saturday night! It was my 79 year old mother's birthday. My sister had planned a simple spaghetti dinner to feed everyone. There was 20 of us for dinner, and 2 more later. I only had a small amount of spaghetti and salad...but before you go and think that I did so great, I also had two small pieces of garlic bread. Yum! And then there was the ice cream cake. Well, I could have done without that! I don't particularly like them much, but honestly, my Mom is just like a child any more and she would have gotton her feelings hurt if I didn't eat her birthday cake. So I did!

The good news is, I went right back to tracking yesterday. I didn't give up. I didn't have the "Oh I've blown it now" mentality, and go off and eat whatever I wanted. And it felt good! I don't feel like a failure. What a new way of thinking this is for me!

And then this morning was weigh-in! Well, I have to say I wasn't looking forward to it much after Friday and Saturday night. And I only lost one pound last week! And I really had to force myself to drink water yesterday. Water is not what I want when I am sick. And it must not be allergies cuz it is still going strong and I have been taking allergy meds since Thursday.

Well, back to the dreaded scale...I lost three pounds! I almost fell off the scale! I even checked it twice to make sure I saw what I thought I saw. I was hoping to just maintain and not gain. I haven't had any exercise since Wednesday. Just getting up is exercise enough for me right now. But you can bet my spirit is doing the happy dance right now! The rest of me is going back to bed.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Some Blessings have nothing to do with the scale!

Yesterday I went in to help in the church office for the day as the staff had their yearly planning meeting. They told me they would feed me lunch...are they really gonna feed me, or just provide lunch? I am picturing me lying down, leaning back on bunches of pillows while someone fans me with palm fronds and someone else is feeding me grapes, and chocolate dipped strawberries. Ahhhhh! No I guess that was just my dream!

Anyway, They were having blt's and soup. I brought two slices of my whole wheat bread, used light mayo, and tons of tomatoes. (fresh out of the executive Pastor's garden...yum!) I turned down the leftover brownies from their meeting and the home made yellow cake with chocolate frosting. And the neat thing about it was...I was totally satisfied. The soup was a weight watcher recipe too!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New Goal Date!

I was a little uncomfortable with my July 4th goal date. I would have to lose about 2 pounds every week, regardless of the circumstances of life at that moment. That feels like pressure. This needs to be a lifestyle change and not just a diet. No pressure! But I know I need to drive myself to stay on task also. (I am basically pretty lazy!) I know that comes as a shock to some of you...not!

So because of this, and the fact that I have a lot of illness in the winter, (And who eats right and exercises when they are down in bed?), I have given myself an extra seven weeks. That gives me a little wiggle room. But I will still have to work hard to make it.

The date I have chosen holds a lot of meaning for me. It is my Dad's Birthday. My Dad passed away in 1997. He had a major stroke many years before while having quadruple bypass surgery for the second time. My Dad was a very gentle man and never deserved to spend 17 years trapped in a hospital bed. I have to do this for me Daddy, but the date that I get down to my goal weight will honor you!

So folks, my goal date will be August 26th, 2007. I want to be at 150 pounds by then. I hope you can help support me in are my support group, ya know?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Another pound bites the dust!

Well, I weighed in this morning, I had lost a pound, after flucuating up and down all week. I guess it is good that I am in tune to listen to my body. I am pretty much where I felt I would be. I was hoping I had not gained. I plan to be more diligent on my exercise this week. I really need to develop good habits, so it becomes automatic. I don't want to think about it. I just want to do it. My life is about to get busier again and I need these fundamentals in place so they are just something I do, not something I do if I have the energy, and if I have the time, and if the internet is not calling my name.

I start my Women's Bible Study next week, and then the last week of this month, we kick off the new year with our small group. Lots of good stuff! Our Bible study is studying Revelation and I am sure I will have a lot of reading and studying for that and then our small group will be following the pulpit through the New Testament. It is going to be a great year.

Wow, I only have 296 days left on my challenge. I need to lose 85 pounds. Do you think that is reasonable? That works out to about 2 pounds per week. But I need to do that consistantly, and that rarely happens. There is usually some bouncing up and down in there. Well, I am not going to panic. If it takes another couple of weeks or a be it! I am, I repeat...I AM GOING TO DO IT THIS TIME!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I'm on my way!

Tomorrow is my weigh in and I am not feeling like I have lost anything. I lost so much last week though, that I may not. I don't's going to be business as usual, no matter what the scale says. I am really in a different place with getting healthy this time around. Will I be dissappointed if I don't lose...yes, but the difference is, it is not going to stop me. I am in it for the long haul and it is going to be an eventful journey, and I don't plan to miss a minute of it!

Friday, September 08, 2006

OK, got my exercise today!

I took my mom garage saling. We went to atleast a bazillion sales. With my mom it is a little different than going with somebody else. You know when you pull up, and especially by the time you are walking up the drive whether it is the kind of sale you want to poke your head into every box and look at stuff under the tables, etc. etc. Well, not my mom! In all fairness...she has early alzheimers, but come on mom, why do you need to look at remote control cars? And you don't want to ask her why she is looking at that for(?), cuz she will justify it somehow. Sometimes her justifications get very creative! Mom has to look at every little thing atleast once, usually two or three times! I can not stand for long periods of time so I walked around (hence the exercise) I would do my own walking around looking and then usually the second time with mom, thinking that if I went with her, I may get out of their sooner...NOT! Just when I would think she was ready and didn't find anything, she'd go around again! And then about the third time she would have a question about the price, usually just so she could talk to the lady while totally oblivious of the building line waiting to pay or ask questions about something.

But ya know...she loved it! She had a great time. And got to go to lunch too! When I left you could tell she was ready for a nice long nap or an early evening. We started at 8:00am and didn't get back to her house until about 5-ish! We did not garage sale all that time. Also went to the stamp store and the grocery store, then stopped at my house for a bit and then at my sister's house for a bit! All in all, a very full day!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lack of Exercise!

I know I need to get out and walk or use the treadmill or the bike, but, I just can't seem to force myself. I am good with my food and water, and taking my vitamins etc. but the exercising is like pulling teeth right now! Somebody kick me in my big lazy butt!

Maybe it is hormonal! :)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor (No Labor) Day!

We had a very enjoyable day! Very relaxing! We had my daughter and son (in law) and 3 of the grandkids over for a bar b que. It was just a warm lazy day.

That was a good thing too as my daughter had fallen in the shower before coming over and hit hard enough to knock herself out briefly. She is going to be pretty sore tomorrow! I am glad she did go ahead and come over as if she was home she probably would have stayed in bed and really been even more sore from not moving around. I don't care how old they are, they are still your babies!

I didn't get any exercise to speak of today (yesterday) but I probably couldn't have stood it anyway. Ended up taking two pain pills over the afternoon for my killer headache. I think I was just having sympathy pains for my daughter. Don't think it started until she told me she fell!

I did good food wise. I had turkey burger, no bun, a little salad and some broccoli salad that I made. Oh, and a little bit of fruit. I did have cheese (regular cheese) on my burger, and it tasted soooo good! It sure cost me in points but I was ok as it was lunch and dinner. I had a snack of some more fruit and a sugar free pudding, for an evening snack.

I tell you I passed up some goodies though! We had cheese dip and ruffles, oh how I love those, tortilla chips, sun chips....yum! And everybody else ate sirloin burgers and hot dogs, in the buns. They were so big even the guys only had one. My daughter brought a cheesecake that was made up of several different kinds of chocolate cheesecake. And my little girls sat on each side of me and ate them. Little twirps! But in all honesty, my body must be getting what it needs as I didn't really have a problem with it. And I bought pepsi for the gang too! All in all, I was pretty happy eating good stuff, and drinking my water!

Hope you all had a nice weekend! My hubby really needed this time away. He had four days off and is not looking forward to going back this morning!

I better go make his lunch and go to is almost 1:00am. Where does the time go?

Monday, September 04, 2006

Doin' The Happy Dance!

I am one Happy Little Camper this morning, I tell ya! It is my one week weigh-in day and guess what? Go ahead that's not it...higher! Not four, not five, not six, but SEVEN whole pounds! Woo Hoo! I love Weight Watcher's! I am not being very humble...but I am soooooo excited! And it wasn't me and it really wasn't Weight Watcher's that should get the glory. Not even all my supporting friends. They were all part of it, but the Glory only goes to One. Without Him, I could do nothing! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

One of those days!

I am having one of those days where I have not eaten much nor have I had but half of my water and it is 7:00 pm. I still have 19 points to go. Geez! I am fixing dinner right now, even though it is late. I am having salmon, and red potatoes, and a veggie. Maybe cantaloupe for dessert. I will still have lots of points...maybe I will have to send the hubby to the store for ww ice! I did walk for about 45 minutes. Just light walking, but it works for me.

Friday, September 01, 2006

4 day weekend!

Well, another day and I am still wiped out from my antibiotics, but I did get some walking in on the treadmill today. Took my son out to lunch before he had to be at work. He was working in our town's car part store today so it was fun to see him for awhile. Sure miss that kid!

I actually got very close to using all my points today, woohoo! Drank all my water, took my vitamins and all my other various meds...

Hope you all have a great weekend!