Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ok so I have been thinking...

I know it is a scary thing for me, but here goes!

I need a new beginning so I will feel all past descretians have been forgotten and forgiven. I realize that I only get that with the Lord, but why can't it apply to my eating and quest for health as well? I think it can.

I know that the way I have been eating is sinful on so many levels so it is time to do something about it again.

Step One... Admit that I need an intervention!

I lost 45 pounds, took a vacation and gained back 7-10 pounds. I stayed there all summer. Due to an illness and the resulting prednisone use my pseudo tumor cerebri flared up again and I have another 10-15 pounds of fluid on top of the 7-10 I gained back. I know I need a total commitment now.

Step Two... Make a plan.

I have done the best when I am tracking my calories and eating all my fruits and veggies. The Jorge Cruz "Belly Fat Cure" was very interesting to me. I did learn alot from it, but I didn't lose as well on it. I will incorporate what I learned to my plan tho and will be watching my "hidden sugar" as well as caloric count. I will be choosing whole foods as much as I can without driving myself crazy. I know my daily caloric intake so I am good to go there.
  • Ask God (daily) to help me to make wise decisions concerning the food I put into my body and to help me to start taking better care of this body he gave me
  • keep a food diary
  • track my calories
  • drink atleast 64 oz. water daily
  • absolutely no pop!!!
  • take vitamins & ptc meds daily
  • complex carbs/balanced with protein
  • weigh once a week and take measurements once a month
  • cook or prepare foods at home
  1. collect low cal healthy recipes
  2. try new recipes
  3. put together recipes for cook once and freeze for month
  • exercise in pool atleast twice a week
  1. write letter and get papers together for membership at fitness center
  2. plan atleast two days pool time
  3. get a better suit to wear
  • be more active on days I don't swim
Step Three...Develop a support team.people to call when feeling weak or discouraged/depressed
  • people who I can email for encouragement
  • people who I can exercise with
  • people who will come over when I need a kick in the butt
  • people who encourage me by leaving a comment on my blog
  • people who will pray for me
Well, that is good enough for a start! I will update my blog on Monday morning with my starting weight. Hope you all have a great weekend!


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