Monday, April 28, 2008

(Drum Roll Please)

Well, last time I tried the whole weight loss thing, I went on Prism (very strict) for 6 weeks and lost 20 pounds. Then life got crazy, I got stressed, and I gained back the 20 I lost! Big Suprise! Then in January I got real sick and had to have steroids for a couple months to pull out of it. This triggered my pseudo tumor and on came the excess fluid...felt like I was drowning. I have had lots of trouble getting it to pack up and go find a nice lake or something to live in. But even though I am still a bit bloated from the steroids, there is a slight change in my abdomen. So I will take my 9 pound loss and run with it.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


My body is all whacked out right now! I am feeding it good food and I think it has thrown it into a tailspin! My blood sugars were high (for me anyway) and since Monday they are higher! I lose a few pounds of fluid and then back it comes. I think I really confused it! Now it has confused me. It's all good, I think!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Weight loss/water loss?

I've lost 8 pounds! Since Monday! Don't get's just fluid!
I have really been struggling with my pseudo tumor since I had to have steroids back in January to get rid of the "crud" and to help my asthma. And then they put me on a steroid inhaler for 2 months also. Steroids are a big no no with pseudo tumor cerebri (PTC) But what do you do? Guess I thought this would be the lesser of the two evils since I could not breathe at all then. So four months later I am still trying to get rid of the fluid. I will lose 15 pounds in two days and then it starts to collect again. As it is right spine has so much fluid I can hardly turn my head at all. My neck is really out and I need an ajustment or 10, but all it would do at this point is make the muscles all swell up and be worse. So my prayer is that the fluid is on it's way out (now that I am back on diabetes meds too.)
The program (Abs) is pretty easy to stick with but there is a lot of prep. If I had been feeling better I would make up a large portion of brown rice for the week to put veggies and beans in etc. for on & off during the week. All kinds of things you can do to save time, am I doing it? NO, I am fighting off the crud going thru our office. I have been exhausted! Getting back on all my meds will make me a much happier person! :)


Monday, April 21, 2008

Holy Cow!

I just ate my first meal with "good food" on this Ab's program...I am stuffed! Note to self: fix lunch and snacks prior to eating breakfast! I don't even want to think about food right now and I need to fix everything else for the day!
I am not posting my weight for today until next week or the week after as I know it is all wacky with fluid from my pseudo tumor cerebri right now. Like 11 pounds or more! It usually takes a couple weeks to get it back under control. But rest assured, I did weigh and did all my measurements for a reference point. Talk about a depressing Monday morning!
I really am not depressed about it tho! I am weighing more than I have in many years and have lots of weight related issues. I should be under the covers crying and refusing to come out! That doesn't work either. I am ready to work on this again. I am ready to make myself feel better! But right now, I gotta run as fast as my fat little legs will carry me to get all this done before I need to be at work so bye....


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Well, I'm going for it!

I have not finished the book. I have not planned all my meals for the next couple days. I do not understand all the ins and outs of this program yet. I don't know how to work my new "Magic Bullet". In fact I have not even taken it out of the box yet.
But... I am going for it anyway! Tomorrow morning at 7:00 am I am starting on the Ab's diet. Yep, me, that's what I said. Tonight is my last Mountain Dew. Tomorrow I will be eating good food! And smoothies! Woo hoo!
Think I better start getting up a bit earlier so that I can cook breakfast and make lunch and 2 snacks! Whew, what a lot of work! My poor frig is so stuffed full of healthy junk, I can hear it moaning all the way over here!
I will attempt to journal good and bad. Wish me luck!


Friday, April 18, 2008

Have a Question...

First...hi, no I am not dead, and I have missed you all! Just have been very stressed and overwhelmed, and needed to drop out of life for awhile!
Now having said that...I am ready to slowly start dipping my toe in the ocean again!
I do have a question for you all! That's assuming there is still ANYONE still out there! Has anyone tried the Ab's Diet for women? I know a few people on it and they're doing well, but haven't really talked with them (just their family) I have read quite a bit about it and yesterday bought the book.
Guess I just need the reassurance and input from my bloggin buddies. Help!

The things I like about it:

the foods are healthy good for you stuff
no forbidden foods (alternate choices given)
no counting calories unless you want to
you get a cheat meal once a week
sensible exercise program

Possible pitfalls:

have to cook or prepare all the time (ok, you caught me...I'm lazy!)
no counting calories (I can put away a lot of food when I want to)
sensible exercise program (right now I feel like I would die)

What do ya think?

I am not in this for the ab's. I would be shocked and totally spit less if I found out I even had ab's! I am more into this for the fact that health wise I feel like I am sliding down a very slippery slope...and although I am more than ready to go home to Jesus...I am not quite ready to leave my family just yet.

So I guess that means that I better do something about it. Right now it seems almost totally impossible to get to the point to be able to say that I even feel good again. It's pretty depressing actually.

At this point I KNOW I have to make some changes, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Boy, that sounds exhausting! Maybe I will go take a nap!