Thursday, April 24, 2008

Weight loss/water loss?

I've lost 8 pounds! Since Monday! Don't get's just fluid!
I have really been struggling with my pseudo tumor since I had to have steroids back in January to get rid of the "crud" and to help my asthma. And then they put me on a steroid inhaler for 2 months also. Steroids are a big no no with pseudo tumor cerebri (PTC) But what do you do? Guess I thought this would be the lesser of the two evils since I could not breathe at all then. So four months later I am still trying to get rid of the fluid. I will lose 15 pounds in two days and then it starts to collect again. As it is right spine has so much fluid I can hardly turn my head at all. My neck is really out and I need an ajustment or 10, but all it would do at this point is make the muscles all swell up and be worse. So my prayer is that the fluid is on it's way out (now that I am back on diabetes meds too.)
The program (Abs) is pretty easy to stick with but there is a lot of prep. If I had been feeling better I would make up a large portion of brown rice for the week to put veggies and beans in etc. for on & off during the week. All kinds of things you can do to save time, am I doing it? NO, I am fighting off the crud going thru our office. I have been exhausted! Getting back on all my meds will make me a much happier person! :)



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