Sunday, January 14, 2007


I'm afraid all my healthy eating went by the wayside today as I took hubby into emergency as we were no longer able to control his pain. They admitted him and he has surgery tomorrow afternoon. The "small" piece of broken disc is now a "large" piece of disc that is broken off, hence the change in pain level.

He tried to stand up on the bad leg that is hurting so bad from his back, and the leg went down and so did he! Scared the crap out of me! I am really glad that he is in the hospital and is now on a morphine pump to control the pain.

Hospital food during off hours is not particularly weight watcher type healthy. Too tired to care today. But I found microwaves today so I will take a ww meal tomorrow and a banana, and have oatmeal in the morning. Should be better all the way around.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I am still here!

Sorry it has been silent on my end, but this week has been full of doctor appointments and tests and takin' care of my husband. He needs to have another back surgery and we are just trying to find a good surgeon around here so we don't have to go to Washington. Unfortunately he is in a lot of pain. He has a piece of his disc actually broken off and lodged in the nerve canal. And yes, it is as painful as it sounds.

I have not been tracking my points the last couple of days, but I am still eating healthy. I have not been on the treadmill but, living in a tri-level and waiting on your husband does have it's benifits with running up and down the stairs. Hauled all the laundry up two sets of stairs too, not to mention, getting ice pacs and heat pads, and pain meds, water, food etc etc etc. And then today was grocery shopping and then had to haul in all the bags which he usually does for me.

That's all for me today, gonna go take my fanny to bed!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Two Down Six To Go!

Pretty bad when you have lost two pounds and still have six more pounds to go before you are back to where you started gaining from the holidays! Ughhhhh!

Note to self...No more giving myself permission to indulge!

Actually I think the holiday gain was more than that and I actually lost more this week on Prism. During the first couple of days the scale jumped up another four and then five pounds and then leveled off and started going down. Who knows what I managed to actually gain from the holidays?

Well, I have a pretty good idea, and it isn't good! Nothing like starting the year kicking yourself! Guess I am just gonna have to shake it off and get to work. I set myself up for this fall by not keeping track of my points, not being consistant with my exercise, and not taking care of myself. Case in point...the last time I tracked my points was on Nov. 27th, and even if that wasn't bad enough, there were a lot of days missing in the prior two months.

Time to get serious and really committed once again! As soon as I am done with this post I will be entering my breakfast points etc. Yes folks, I have learned my lesson!

Have a great healthy week!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Woo Hoo...Back to Weight Watcher's Tommorow!

I can't wait! I have been getting lot's of walking in, and with the absence of sugar and white flour, I am not craving it so bad. I am ready to go back to ww tho! It's just so much easier for me. Not so restrictive. I can still employ a lot of the same principals that I learned in Prism plus what I need for my diabetes. And I can do it all within the ww program.

So tommorow is another new beginning! I like having a fresh start, but I am really not starting over just continuing on. I am feeling much better about things now that the holidays are over. I will always have challenges, but maybe someday I will learn how to have the goodies and not feel like I have thrown everything to the wind and use it as an excuse to eat and drink whatever I want. The flesh is so weak!

Hope everyone has a great week this week!

Friday, January 05, 2007

A Jammie kinda day!

Sorry I haven't posted until now! It's about 2:30 and I am still in my jammies and taking it easy today just puttering around the house. I was in alot of pain yesterday and had no tylenol other than tylenol pm. I took a couple of those early in the evening and then stayed up to watch ER and finally ended up taking another tylenol pm and my nighty night meds as usual. Went to bed sometime after midnight but am kinda sluggish today and still sore but not as bad. I am gonna take a rain check on the walking today, but if all is well, will hit it again tomorrow!

Thursday, January 04, 2007


I am so glad that I went back on Prism this week. It is very difficult to stay on sometimes. I don't know how I did it before. But it really gets rid of the sugar cravings. And believe me, after all the chocolate and confections that come in for the staff at the church, starting in about November, I need to get rid of the sugar cravings!

That being said...bright and early Monday morning, I am going back on weight watcher's! I want to live and not obsess! It is very easy to obsess on Prism. You have to weigh and measure everything. Now, I am not saying that a reality check every now and then is not a good thing. I just want to be able to enjoy life at the same time.

I have weighed myself every morning since Monday and the scale was going up and up! I indulged right until the last second, so that didn't really suprise me. Yesterday it was at the same weight I started with on Monday. But this morning, I actually registered a loss of one pound. Curious to see what Monday brings. Don't think I will weigh again until then.

I want to thank you all for encouraging me with your comments, and of course for adding another minute to my walking. It is really appreciated! Snackie has given me a minute for today and tomorrow by proxy as she is on her way home.

Well, I gotta run and get my fanny into work, so have a great day!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Late Again!

Sorry, I didn't get a post out this morning. Had to go do Mom's grocery shopping and then take them to her. Although she lives in the next state, it is only 15-20 minutes away!

She had me buy her ice cream and she was just bursting at the seams wanting some.

She is like a little kid these days so it was kinda fun to watch. She then went back into Mom mode and decided that I needed lunch and we HAD to go get some, even tho she was gonna have ice cream.

All I could find to eat was a naked burger with lots of mushrooms and a small bowl of fruit. It worked for me. Just will have to watch my calories tonight. Next I took her to a couple little dollar stores and took her back home. She is probably snoozing as we speak.

I made one more stop at a fabric store, and finally I am home. Full day of walking to say the least! Hey, can I count that for my exercise? Say yes, that will make my feet very Happy!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Day 2 of exercising for comments!

I was gonna give myself a couple days of eating healthy before starting my walking again but due to my daughter being so cute and leaving me 7 (one word) comments, I guess I will start today, Don't want all that effort to go to waste. I will be adding 9 minutes to my treadmill time today. I usually start out with 15 minutes (beings I have been slacking for so long!) so today I will do 24 minutes. Thanks to all who participated yesterday. I will be watching today to see how much sweating I will be doing tomorrow. So feel free to push me all you can!

My eating went pretty good yesterday. It was hard to get my calories in, but I finally got it to within 10 calories. I need to do some shopping. Got 10 glasses of water in. Not bad for a start.

Maybe I am weird, but I already feel better about the sugar cravings. It's a mental thing. I am doing something about it so therefore no more cravings? Wonder if that works! Hmmmm!

Make sure you comment so I can walk these little fat legs off!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Will Exercise For Comments!

Will Exercise For Comments!

Now, how shameless is that? I started back on my healthy ways today and am planning on going back to the treadmill on Wednesday which works out perfectly. The way this works is...I will add a minute on the treadmill Wednesday for each comment I get tommorow. Every day when I am doing my walking I will check my comments from the day before and add a minute for each one. Not only will this help me to walk longer but also I will have to post every day to get comments. This will also help me to stay focused on eating healthy. Nobody likes to post when you are slackin'! Thanks to Teena for this great idea!

Oh Crap!

The new year is already here and I was gonna have all my weightloss stuff figured out by now so I could start today! I haven't even gone grocery shopping let alone figured out what to shop for. I knew I was going to start today. No excuses, I just am not sure what program I am going to follow.

I know I will be on weight watcher's for the long term but I am thinking I need to start with Prism, atleast for a week or so to detox from the sugar and junk I have eaten in the last month.

It has been a long time since I tried Prism, especially the first phase. It is really pretty strict. It does help to curb the cravings and now that I have been eating so much junk I am craving sugar again.

Ok, I have pretty well talked myself into kick starting this year with Prism phase one. I will do it for a minimum of one week, and then we will see how I am doing. I will stay on it as long as I can. I will just have to re-evaluate at the end of each week! Normally you are on phase one for six weeks. I am not really looking to be on it for that long before I switch to weight watchers, but I will for as long as I can.

Ok, now that all that is decided, I can go to bed! And a Happy New Year wish to all of you!

To all my weightloss buddies...I hope this is the year that you become "an after"