Sunday, April 18, 2010

Small victories!

Sometimes in life we just need to celebrate the small victories. These are usually the things no one else knows about or even can tell when it is standing all by itself, BUT...if you put enough of these together they really add up and get noticed in a big way.

Today I had one of those small victories. I have this very springy (is that even a word?) yellow top, it buttons down the front and I have always worn it open with a tank. A few weeks ago I didn't have a tank clean to wear under it or atleast not one that went with what I was wearing so I tried it buttoned. Well...that didn't work and it got thrown in the bottom of my closet in disgust. How many mornings have we tried on everything in our closet trying to find something different to wear cuz we are really tired of the same few pieces of fat clothes that actually fit.

And then this morning, it was so sunny and nice out, I wanted to reflect the way the sun was making me I tried the yellow top again (buttoned) and yes...I washed it and it was hanging neatly taunting me. Guess what? It fit, and it didn't even gap or anything! And I got compliments on it at church too!

Ok, so now the yellow top gets to move to the center of my closet instead of being stuck on the left side. That's where the tight or snug stuff goes! My sunny day just got a little brighter!

Hope you have a sunny day too!


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