Monday, March 08, 2010

Can you believe it?

Wow, Oregon was great! Had a wonderful time with family. And it was worth all of the eight pounds I gained in just five days. Can you believe it? Some of that was from all the advil I had to take for my knee from the traveling and mostly from getting in and out of the car constantly.

Nevertheless, I was kinda depressed about it. Went back to eating healthy when we got back and lost four pounds. Then this week hit!

We had 4 birthday celebrations this week! And I managed to gain back another three pounds. Yuck! Now I am really depressed! So much for the 230's. Weighed this morning at 246. Ugh! And not helping my mood any is the fact that it is drizzly and dark outside. Doesn't make me want to jump right up and do something. Besides the fact that my knee and the rest of my joints hurt in this weather. Maybe I'll just go back to bed!


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