Sunday, January 10, 2010


I think I have finally gotton about 3 weeks of meals figured out so now the big obstacle is actually doing the shopping. That is a big thing with my knee and actually all that is stopping me right now. I'm hoping I can talk DH into going a little later this afternoon. If we don't go shopping, we will have too rely on fast food again! Ugh!

I went back to church today after being home for 2 months because of my knee. It was still pretty painful sitting as my feet dangle from the pews. No, I don't quite touch the ground. It kinda sucks! Sure was good to see everyone tho. And just about all my friends are trying to eat healthy right now. This is a very good thing! They got me all enthused to really do this. Funny how the doctor can tell you all the time that you need to drop the weight and it's just like " blah blah blah "...(well, not really) but if your friends are doing it, you are all over it!

I have changed my strategy a bit again. That's ok because this is a journey to find what works for me. I really don't want to diet and I have said that all along. So I have lost 11.5 lbs. without dieting, right? Well, now my goal is to hit the 20 lb. mark. This is me being realistic. This is attainable. Just 10 lbs. Then I will work on the next 10 lbs. etc. So that being said...I have 8.5 lbs. to go on this 10 pounds. Or the magic scale amount of 242 lbs. Technically I had worked my way up to 276 pounds (with my extra fluid from PTC) before I started paying attention to what I was doing etc.

This week I will start counting all my water intake and taking my meds for PTC (Psuedo Tumor Cerebri) and taking my vitamins and watching my portions and fixing what I have planned for meals etc. No fast food! Except for the occaisional Subway.

This has been a bad week. We have had fast food most of the week, no food in the house syndrome! Gotta keep this from happening. I am sure the scale will show it on Tuesday. And then on Tuesday our Bible Study starts (with a potluck brunch, of course!) lol can't win!


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