Saturday, October 20, 2007

Days of Our Lives

Boy yesterday was one of those days! First I was woke up by one of the registered nurses that help monitor my diabetes and asthma. That turned out to be no big deal...I think she was new! She didn't do any probing or make any suggestions etc. Yeah, I got off the phone without feeling convicted etc. But the next phone call was not so easy!

I guess while I had been blissfully (is there such a word?) sleeping in on my day off, my sister had been trying to get ahold of me. She lives close to my mom and stops by in the morning to give her her pills. Yesterday she had a paper for her to sign and mom could not even write. Mom has arthritis in her fingers pretty bad, and it usually takes her awhile to sign her name. We are on her checkbook and usually write her checks. But she went to sign it and could not even hold the pen right. She didn't know how any more. She was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's, so that in itself was not too suprising. But there was something about it that was nagging at my sister. She got into work and it was still bugging her so she showed it to some of the people in her office and then showed them her signature from a couple weeks ago. They convinced her to have it checked out. So she called Mom's doctors office and they told her to go to urgent care or the hospital. Hence the phone call that finally got me up.

I met them at urgent care and mom got a cat scan and vision test etc. as she was having trouble seeing as well. Her eyes were pretty equal at this point and the cat scan was ok now but they think she had a TIA or mini stroke. Whatever damage that was done was already done so she has to follow up with her doctor on next Friday.

We took Mom to lunch and then we went together to get her groceries while her and her puppy took a nap. After we got her all snuggled in for the night and the groceries put away we finally came back to my house.

We had a craft thing with the ladies from my church. It was a nice way to relax a little. The only problem was, everyone was supposed to bring finger foods. And oh did they, but the first 20 women brought desserts! Oh my. There really was not much that I could have. So I threw caution to the wind! But, I am back in the saddle today.

Something is changing in me. Normally that would have been the end of my diet. I blew it so lets just have something else, and breakfast today would have consisted of the leftover cupcakes that somehow ended up at my house...thanks sis! And then lunch would have been McD's cuz I haven't had them in so long. You get the picture!

I guess even tho I had chocolate (Ahhh!!!) last night it is still a victory for me!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Drum Roll Please!!!

Well, today has been 6 weeks since I started back on Prism. I was not as strict as I was the first time I was on it and didn't keep a food diary and count all my calories, even tho I knew the calorie counts.
I did this with the idea of living in mind. If life popped up, as it always does, I can then choose whether I wanted to partake or not, and ask myself if it was worth it or not. This is a good lesson to learn!
I ate cake and ice cream at my Mom's 80th birthday party because she would not understand if I didn't eat it. But I passed on the cake and ice cream at two other family birthdays. On hubby and I's weekend away, I ate whatever sounded good. But went back to eating completely healthy again on Monday. I learned alot, by my little experiments this time.
But having said all this...I will tell you I lost the same amount as I did the first time I went on Prism and was sooooooooo strict. Twenty pounds! I guess with my body you have to keep tricking it and never let it know what it is going to get from one day to the next. I usually will lose around 30 pounds on whatever diet or program that I am on...and then my body shuts off and says "no more, that's all you get!" and then I get disgusted eventually and rebel, gaining it all back and inviting some of it's friends and family to join too! Just like the family share plan! Eventually you realize what you have done to yourself and then you are disgusted with yourself as well as diets and just get good and depressed.
What a vicious cycle...I am hoping to spare myself from all the regret and self hate this time. So I am going about it a little differently. Stay tuned for more updates!

Monday, October 15, 2007

I am so looking forward to tomorrow!!!

That's right Baby! Phase one will be done, over, kaput, outta there...woo hoo!!! It has been a long six weeks! Need I say more?

Sunday, October 07, 2007

3 long weeks!

I have been in this boot for three weeks and my foot is not healing! Poop! Looks like he may have to go in and pin it! Not only do I not want surgery but I also can't really take any time off work. I am the only one trained to do the church bulletin etc. Maybe if I can schedule surgery on a Wed. Then I would have Wed thru Sun. to be ready to return to work. Although I am not sure how I will get there as I won't be able to drive. How I wish were not so dumb!

Food wise I have been doing pretty good. I did take the weekend off when Hubby and I went to stay at a wonderful condo on the lake. It was great! Very relaxing! I would have liked to have been able to explore more but it was still nice to get away.

Hubby enjoyed the antique hydroplanes. They were very cool, but I had my eyes set on a scrapbook store I spotted when driving thru town.

We also went to the casino for awhile the night before and had the seafood buffett and donated a little to the cause, of course. Saturday Night we watched movies on the big flat screen tv and hubby bbq'd a couple of steaks. Yes it was very nice to get away.

This is looking out from our balcony in the back. Our condo was just like his one.

This is the lake seen from the other side of the deck!

I could have lived in this condo very easily! It had a full kitchen, bar, dining room, living room and two bedrooms. Washer & dryer too! And the great part for me is that it was all on one level. Woo hoo! No stairs like my tri-level!

I have a week and two days left on phase one of the Prism program. I have lost 18 pounds as of last week. I lost 20 pounds last time on the first phase so I am just about on target for my body. I am hoping to be able to lose better in the second phase by getting to exercise some. Right now I am out of commission.

Hubby just left to get animal food, so I think I will try to get some things done while he is not watching me so close! Ha Ha! have a good week all!