Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Whiney Wimp!

Notice the crossed eyes? I'm thinkin' that pretty well describes how I have been feeling lately! About 3 or 4 weeks ago I was suffering with my hip being all flared up and inflamed exercising went by the way side. Then as it was starting to feel almost human again, my treadmill was not playing right. Now my hip is at it again...I can't win! Now all I want is chocolate to make me feel better! I don't know if it would help my hip but I know it would help me! Arghhh! I think it is time to go see the doc and get on something stronger than advil. Can't take much more of this! Makes me feel like a wimp...or worse yet, like an old lady!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Weight Watcher's?

OK, it is after Monday (the same Monday my daughter and I were gonna start being good again on)and I am still being bad...seems there is a reason (or excuse) not to eat right every day! And today I just feel like crap! Had to do Mom's shopping at costco, did some for us too! My tummy is rebelling against thinks it is smarter than me! I talked to an RN the other day that works with our insurence company on our medical issues. She is on weight watchers herself. We talked about the Prism program and how it is great but very restrictive, not something I can live with, maybe if I could make it to maintenance I could. I was trying to eat only good carbs, whole grains, fruit etc., no white flour or sugar. I can do that, for the most part. Sometimes I feel I just need a treat tho. I may like to try the points through weight watchers but am not sure how it works exactly. Don't want to spend the money if I can't stick to it! Can any of you expain it to me? How do you know how many points something is? Do you have a basic guideline of what you are supposed to eat on a daily basis? How do the flex points work? I have not been on weight watchers since they were doing the fat thing...that did not work well for me...I lost extremely slow and maintained for almost a year and was not anywhere close to where I wanted to be. I would appreciate any info you could give me to understand it better.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Out of Control

Help! I am officially "out of control" AGAIN! One day, I am motivated (like my last post) and then I crash and burn...and I must be a total wreck, cuz I am still layin on the side of the road, with no signs of life! Somebody bring the paddles and shock some life back into my poor sugar and carb infested body! Wow, I don't even know what happened! I was doin great and then I am at the store grabbin some quick jelly beans to throw in a bunny box with some money for the grandkids for Easter, and hubby wanted jelly beans too...ok so we grabbed a few extra. And I tell him if I am gonna have jelly beans they have to be jelly bellys. He even said, "but you're not sposed to have jelly beans" I know this, but did I listen to him, or me....NO! I said, "Oh I will only get a few! Well, my few was supersized and I pigged out on them. Felt like an alcoholic who just had a drink for the first time in a long time! Of course then, I had fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy (the hazards of KFC being within sight of my front door), and then there was more jelly beans at the kids house on Monday! And macaroni salad...oh my! And my cookies at church...almost forgot about those, and a gravy skillit on Easter! Then, Tuesday, a friend brought frosties from Wendy's. Yikes, it really looks bad on paper! And I had a candy bar yesterday while I was working at church! When I crash, I crash hard! Is there anybody out there that can save me?

Monday, April 17, 2006

Hard Boiled Heaven

Diet: phatooey

Healthy eating: blah

Excercise: whatever

Easter candy: yippeee

Weight gain: one pound

Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Picture is Worth a Million Words!

Ya know how you go along eating pretty healthy and getting exercise too, and really you are much more energetic than you have been, but then you just feel fat? I was feeling like I was not getting anywhere. Like I know if I got on the scale that it would not show any loss. And I still am wearing about the same size for a couple months now! Well, I have been going through things in my craft room and now in our bedroom too....must be spring cleaning! I found a picture that was taken at the hospital on the day my youngest grandaughters were born. That has been six years ago this June. I was shocked when I saw this picture of myself. I HAVE LOST. In fact, I have lost alot. Around 60 pounds or more since then. I could not believe the picture. I knew I felt better now but really didn't realize the visual difference. Thank you Lord for showing me this picture today so I would not get discouraged, and can continue on.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ok! I confess!

I have not been strictly on Phase One of Prism! I wrote down everything for about 3 days and then life happened and that went out the window. I have been doing good with calorie intake and balancing all my carbs to proteins etc. so I am doing good, just not "Prism" per say! It is very hard to go back to the tight structure of phase one when you have been eating like phase four since January. I have only had one roll (homemade) and no other bread. That seems to make me feel better!

I am feeling much more energetic. I have been doing alot of walking (shopping) and other activities as the weather is starting to improve and less on the treadmill. We need to do some adjustments to my treadmill. I promise I will not go back to slugville. The sunshine inspires me to be out and more active. I am a summer kinda girl! Summer is definately on it's way! Woohoo!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Update: Fat Chick is still alive!

I started back on my quest for healthiness last Monday. I weighed myself today and shed 2.5 pounds. I managed only three miles on the bike the entire week. So my goal this week is exercise related. MORE.

Through the entire week, I ate great...minus the jelly beans, peanut butter cup and ice cream. Oh and M&M's. But it's a good start. I refuse to cut out all goodies. I think that would make me resent my decision to eat healthy and set me up for failure. So every once in awhile, a small portion of sweet goodness is not the end of the world. I am still doing well. My "diet" is not shot. I am not a bad person. I am ok, you are ok. Right? :)

Special Request

My friend Kimmy over at Snicker Doodles is having surgery today that has the potential of changing her life! She has lived in extreme pain for a long time. She has a young boy to raise and all she wants is to be able to spend time with him and play and do all the things Mom's do without hurting so bad that it takes her days to recover. Please pray for her! She is a special person! If you want to send her some hugs and well wishes, or if you want to read more about what she has been going through, just hop on over and give her some love!

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Ahem! Is this thing on? Tap! Tap!
Anybody out there?

Friday, April 07, 2006


This body must have been about to explode...I am down another 2 pounds today! I really need to keep a closer eye on what my body is doing! This can be very dangerous for me. I have lost all that I gained now plus another pound. That is all in what...3 days? I am going to have to get off the scales again though before I get dependant on it again. I need to check atleast every week and a half or so though to make sure I am not retaining fluids again. It really frightens me as I know what trouble I got in before with the fluids. Don't want to go there again!
Thanks for being patient with me, whining about the weight gain, without you all I probably wouldn't have figured out what was going on until it caused some serious damage again! :-)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Down three more pounds!

Ok, the experiment worked! I took one diamox yesterday morning and still no advil, and I lost another 3 pounds. I am back to where I was and still need to take diamox for another day or two. It really had not occured to me that it could just be water weight, not to mention that the advil could be the problem! Gonna have to talk to the doc, I guess for an alternative! Maybe it is time for something stronger, hopefully that won't make me retain fluids. I hate taking medicine. I have had problems for years with my back and hip. I still am not on pain! He watches my kidneys and liver very closely due to the advil. I used to go get a shot when it flared up from my Rhumatologist. Then I was diagnosed with the psuedotumor cerebri. Now I can not have the shots because it would flare up the PTC. Don't want that! Much worse results can occur from that. Go see Kimmy at Snickerdoodles for the best explanation of PTC I have ever encountered. Give her some love when you are there. She has been through alot and still going through it. Every day can be a struggle. Just drop by and make her smile!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A New Day

Wow, I didn't take any advil yesterday and the scale was down 2 pounds today! Do you really think that could be causing the sudden gain? I mean I have been taking like 10-20 advil every day for a couple weeks to try to control the pain that goes along with my hip flaring up. Could you have water retention from it? I know my eyes get real puffy from the advil when I am taking it like that for pain.

I have been having headaches again too, come to think of it, maybe I should take some "diamox" for a couple days. If it is water buildup, that could explain my headaches also! I have psuedotumor cerebri, and have to be very careful with the build up of fluids!

Well, I am off to take my pills like a good little girl and get on the treadmill! Later guys! And thanks for all the encouraging words when I was really needing the hugs! It's hard to ignore the scale no matter how much you tell yourself that it does not define your sucess or failure!

Monday, April 03, 2006


We had a growth group leadership meeting last night at church. In and of itself that is no problem. BUT, it is a dinner and meeting...still no problem (we usually have healthy homemade soup and salad or something similiar because we all take turns providing the food) BUT, last night the group who was supposed to provide dinner, forgot about it, so at the last minute, they ordered Pizza! Fresh hot pizza, and nothing else to eat, except dessert! Well, so much for Prism! I had pizza! I did abstain from dessert BUT, I had pizza...and it didn't even taste that good! Arghhhh!!!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

What is THIS all about?

Ok, you exercise, weight loss pros out there in blogosphere...when you have started to exercise, like 30 minutes every day and more on some days, and eating healthy....should you really be gaining weight? I heard that some weight gain is normal as muscle weighs more than fat, but just how much is some weight gain? What would be a normal amount? I gained 3 pounds and it looks like I have gained another pound or two now, and I am being very good with my eating, drinking my water, and exercising daily! Will this stop soon? I hope, I hope! I would rather tone up the muscles than have the flab bouncing around all the time, but come on, I need to lose a lot of weight! Should I really be happy about gaining? Help!