Thursday, April 06, 2006

Down three more pounds!

Ok, the experiment worked! I took one diamox yesterday morning and still no advil, and I lost another 3 pounds. I am back to where I was and still need to take diamox for another day or two. It really had not occured to me that it could just be water weight, not to mention that the advil could be the problem! Gonna have to talk to the doc, I guess for an alternative! Maybe it is time for something stronger, hopefully that won't make me retain fluids. I hate taking medicine. I have had problems for years with my back and hip. I still am not on pain! He watches my kidneys and liver very closely due to the advil. I used to go get a shot when it flared up from my Rhumatologist. Then I was diagnosed with the psuedotumor cerebri. Now I can not have the shots because it would flare up the PTC. Don't want that! Much worse results can occur from that. Go see Kimmy at Snickerdoodles for the best explanation of PTC I have ever encountered. Give her some love when you are there. She has been through alot and still going through it. Every day can be a struggle. Just drop by and make her smile!


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