Sunday, December 24, 2006

I'm FINALLY ready for Christmas!

And it is only Christmas Eve!

As you can see, I had lots of help picking just the right bow for each and every package I wrapped!

But my little Midget finally got tired and decided to just wait (in) under the tree for Santa!

Hope you all have a great Christmas, and get wrapped up in the Joy of the season!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Ladies Night Out!

I just got back from a "Ladies Night Out" with my friends and sisters from our church! We had a great time. Half of us were on various weight loss programs. Don't think we lost anything tonight! There were very sinful things to be had! Like creme puffs, and chocolatey gooey squares, and chocolate cheesecake, and that's just some of the desserts...then there were all the salads and main dishes that were nummy too! Can you guess I have gained 10 pounds? We had a great time, even tho we won't dare weigh in til next year!

We made this Christmas craft. They look much better in person. They were a lot of fun and really easy! I want to make one for my bathroom for all year as a night light!

And of course the gift exchange was very amusing. We were all on our best "Christian" behavior, until...the first gift was "stolen" by one of the ladies...then it was all over but the crying! I ended up with a beautiful hand made scarf. It is just gorgeous!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Look...I'm All Festive!

Do you like it? My daughter, Melanie, blessed me with her great talent in blog design and made me a special Christmas template. I love it's simple elegance. To see more of her premade Christmas templates, just click here. Click on the thumbnails to see which ones are hers. Hey if you had a notion to decorate your blog for Christmas, please go check it out. Give the girl a break, she is trying to earn some Christmas money, she does a great job and they are so worth it. She goes to school full time and takes care of her family, (hubby & 5 kids). I have to admire her. And I am soooo not partial! LOL! Well, not too much! Hey, I am her Mom, what can I say?