Thursday, January 07, 2010

I haven't run away...really!

I am still here and I am more committed than ever to lose the weight. I had my surgery a week ago Tuesday and have been trying to recover. There was sooo much inflammation that my knee and thigh and lower back are in pain alot. My lower back hurts from the way that I have had to walk for the last 6 months to protect my knee.

The doctor said that the joint is shot like he thought and there was not any tear in the meniscus like they thought there might be. He told me that if I lose the weight I may not even need to have it replaced. So that is it folks! He said it. He also told me that just 11 pounds reduces my need for surgery by 25%. Goal one...11 lbs. (Done) Woohoo!

I go back on the 2nd of February. I want to lose 15 pounds in that month. I would be happy with another 11 but I would really like to show him that I am serious and lose 15. It is doable, right?

I am going to join the new pool/health place in town. I really don't need another expense right now but... I need to do the water thing to strengthen my knee and back muscles, then I can work on my treadmill and bike. This is big for me...wish me luck!


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