Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm Sick!

Boy am I sick....had a sore throat and thought it would be like every other time I get any sign of getting a cold...I wake up dead the next day. I am prone to bronchitis and just don't waste time on colds, just goes straight to my lungs.

This time I was not feeling it, just the sore throat and fever. Go figure, my body was being caught up with me. Went to the doc yesterday and was expecting him to just tell me it was a virus...blah blah blah! Not, he said it was bronchitis and lets throw in a sinus infection for good measure. He gave me an anti biotic and cough syrup. Hadn't really been coughing but I took it cuz ya never know when you will be and might need it.

And last night I needed it! Woke up coughing and I think I coughed for 20 minutes straight before I dared to get off the potty and go back to bed. Poor hubby, don't think he got much sleep last night. Just hate it when the doc is right!

But just so you don't think that I have really died this time...I may not post until the 24th or so. If I am feeling better by next Saturday, I am going to Oregon with my Sister. Her grandson is getting baptized on Sunday and her granddaughter is getting married on Tuesday. It'll be a busy time so please pray for me to get over this quicker than normal and be up and ready to go. Thanks!

And now without further delay, I am going to go collapse in my chair and my book, and lots of kleenex, and water, and a Popsicle and probably two cats and a dog. Nite all!

My daughter brought me some homemade chicken soup! =) Love that kid!


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