Monday, March 29, 2010

Just 37 Days!

Yep, that's all it took me to get back to where I was when I left on vacation! It was so not worth it. I mean there is not much you can do when you are staying with someone else, but the couple of regular root beers I did have a choice on. And maybe I could have done better on the way home when I gave up and had a couple cookies and a sandwich (white bread n cheese) and a couple malt balls etc. But still I only gained 8 pounds. Just for some reason my body has been playing with that same eight pounds ever since. I can't explain it but I don't want to go back either.

I am eating much better now. Better calories, more nutrient rich calories. I mean you can eat all low calorie and still not give your body what it needs to function properly. I am eating enough calories so that my muscles are not being ravaged and I'm really concentrating on getting my veggies fruit and dairy as well as the right amount of protein.

I bought one of the Biggest Loser books and although I thought I knew all these things (from being on a bazillion diets) I really am learning alot. The book is written from the nutritionist on the show and she is really good at explaining everything and letting you know the things that the contestants actually learn, the things we don't see on the show. I am not there yet but now atleast I feel like I CAN eat for my body.

On another note, I have been working on painting trim on my very tall cathedral ceilings in my bedroom. My knee is toast. I wanted to have all the trim done so hubby could just roller and we would be done. Well, that didn't happen. Unfortunately it has proven to be too much for both of us. His back is hurting and my knee is swollen up again. We still have more trim and most of the rollering to do. Blech! I am also doing the master bath. Man I will be glad when it is done. I hope I have not permanetly put my knee over the edge again. I had surgery on it at the end of December to clean it out. The doc said it was only temporary as I need a replacement. It has been so much better. No more ladders for me.


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