Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A week of many adventures!

Bet 'cha thought I gave up again huh? Fooled you this time! I have just been crazy busy. Wait til I tell you what I have been so busy with...
Well, Sunday was my Mommy's 80th Birthday! We had a nice birthday get together at my Sister', balloon bouquets gifts and cards and of course there was cake and ice cream! Mom was thrilled with all the attention. It was especially nice as last week Mom's Doctor confirmed our suspicions of Alzheimer's. We have known or suspected for quite sometime but, now the memory problems etc. have been obvious for Mom too, so this time she was not trying to hide it.
Getting back to her birthday party though...we were all enjoying ourselves and I got up to go help in the kitchen with dinner and my dumb corduroy pants always rise up when I am sitting so as I was walking towards the kitchen I stopped and tried to shake the pant leg down. Well, this seemed like a smart thing to do, at the time! It doesn't seem too smart to me now looking back at it. I had not noticed that my foot was in very close proximity to the very immovable kitchen cabinet divider. Well I now realize what happens to your toes and foot when said foot launches itself into immovable object with a sharp corner. It's called a fractured toe that travels along the joint into the foot. The Doctor has warned me that he may have to go in and pin it, but at any rate it will require 6-8 weeks to heal, even without surgery. Oh yeah! And it is my right foot. Little hard to drive with a honkin' boot on your foot. Do you know how hard it is to constantly have to put this thing on and off again all day? Not to mention how tired you get making the five mile trek to the other side of the building to the bathroom. Get the feeling that I am kinda whiney about this?
I did have a very small piece of cake and some ice cream. I deserved it right? Actually, I really did not want it, but I knew Mom would be hurt if I did not eat some, and it was a little piece. The best part is...I did not go into the "I've blown it now so I can eat anything for the rest of the day mode" Went right back to eating right, in fact I ate very light that evening. Hooray for me!
This week has been a struggle food wise but I am doing it, even tho the last couple of days I have had to depend on my husband for dinner. A person could starve this way. He ended up making a very nice meal last night tho, and had a salad and chili from Wendy's tonight. Works for me!
Ya know I lost all that water the first week and then I think I gained a couple back...guess it is all settling in now. I suspect I will lose some more before our six week weigh in. My body is trying to hold onto it now tho. Sometimes I think there is a mutiny going on in there!

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