Monday, August 06, 2007

Quick Update!

Just a quick note this morning before work to let you know where I am...I have lost 5 pounds of fluids and my fasting blood sugars have gone down 14 points. And my head is no longer sloshing! Woo Hoo!

I would like to say that I am eating healthy and not going out at all, but I can't! Just haven't got there yet, but I am taking my meds and working towards the healthy eating with an occasional treat or fast food meal, instead of the other way around.

Really gotta run, it's almost time to go. I'll catch up with everyone soon.


Blogger tugboat 54 said...

great job with the sugar count. Keep up the good job. I'm glad to hear it.

August 06, 2007 11:24 AM  
Anonymous teebopop said...

Great job on the blood sugar!

I just had my quarterly A1C test done. I got a 5.6 !!!! Now, if only I could lose weight too!

Way to go! Don't you just FEEL better too?

August 06, 2007 4:38 PM  
Blogger ...jus me said...

Yep, I do feel better! The sugar being down really helps. But I am really excited about the fluid loss. That adds so much pressure on my head and spine because of my pseudo tumor cerebri.
I really need to start eating right thi, even hubby said something about us eating better last night.
Good job on the A1C. I am not looking forward to my next one!

August 06, 2007 4:54 PM  

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