Friday, April 18, 2008

Have a Question...

First...hi, no I am not dead, and I have missed you all! Just have been very stressed and overwhelmed, and needed to drop out of life for awhile!
Now having said that...I am ready to slowly start dipping my toe in the ocean again!
I do have a question for you all! That's assuming there is still ANYONE still out there! Has anyone tried the Ab's Diet for women? I know a few people on it and they're doing well, but haven't really talked with them (just their family) I have read quite a bit about it and yesterday bought the book.
Guess I just need the reassurance and input from my bloggin buddies. Help!

The things I like about it:

the foods are healthy good for you stuff
no forbidden foods (alternate choices given)
no counting calories unless you want to
you get a cheat meal once a week
sensible exercise program

Possible pitfalls:

have to cook or prepare all the time (ok, you caught me...I'm lazy!)
no counting calories (I can put away a lot of food when I want to)
sensible exercise program (right now I feel like I would die)

What do ya think?

I am not in this for the ab's. I would be shocked and totally spit less if I found out I even had ab's! I am more into this for the fact that health wise I feel like I am sliding down a very slippery slope...and although I am more than ready to go home to Jesus...I am not quite ready to leave my family just yet.

So I guess that means that I better do something about it. Right now it seems almost totally impossible to get to the point to be able to say that I even feel good again. It's pretty depressing actually.

At this point I KNOW I have to make some changes, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Boy, that sounds exhausting! Maybe I will go take a nap!


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