Friday, May 02, 2008

I'm amazed!

Well, fluid or no fluid, I am still amazed at the changes I am seeing in me since I started on the AB's diet a week ago Monday. My clothes are actually less than two weeks! My body is changing shape, and I have lost 12 pounds.
I am almost scared to say it for fear it will run away, but I actually had a burst of energy this morning. Ouuuuu! I have not had that for a long time.
I am not feeling at all deprived on this either. There are lots of good foods to eat and really nothing is forbidden. It is about teaching you what to eat all the time, what to eat occasionally, and what to eat rarely. It's a life change for sure with no counting, no measuring. How many people can keep that up for their whole life? Too much prep always killed me on any of the other programs I have been on. You do need to cook and prepare meals etc. but you don't have to worry about how many calories, fat grams, or points every little morsel is.
Happy Friday!



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