Sunday, May 18, 2008

I know it is only Sunday!

It is Sunday and not Monday, but I will be too busy in the morning to post, so thought I would do it now! I weighed this morning. I was very surprised that I had lost another 3 pounds. I have not been eating properly for the last six days as I have been feeling so much like crap! So pretty much I have eaten what sounded good to me, no matter what it was. A strange thing has happened while I have been on this program. I have been satisfied with less. That is a very big deal for me! I usually can put away quite a bit of food. In the past couple weeks, I have wanted less. It must be from eating smaller meals, but knowing that I can have a snack in a couple hours. Maybe it is changing my metabolism. That would be the most awesome thing to ever happen to me! Coolio, I tell ya!


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