Wednesday, January 04, 2006

So Here We Are...

Ok, so here we are, standing on the threshold of a new life. Oh, no pressure or anything! Is this gonna be the time when we make it? Are we actually going to get down to a healthy weight? Do I even know what that looks like? Not really, see I have been overweight since the onset of puberty. In high school I was overweight (according to the doctors) but I would give my first born (sorry honey) to be there again. And that is precisely the weight my doctor would like to see me at now. Go figure! I beat myself up for years for being 150 pounds and now they decide that’s what I should weigh. Too late Doc, you missed your chance! But realistically, that is my eventual goal. Did I actually speak that out loud? Oh no, now it is down in black and white for everyone to remind me of. Talk about accountability! Whose idea was this blog anyway? Guess I better give you a little background on my health issues since my daughter brought them up and I know you are all curious. First, I have type ll diabetes. I am not insulin dependant. I am on meds and they are controlling it. And my healthy eating will soon keep it under control as well. I also have psuedo-tumor cerebri., or PTC for those of you who have heard of this strange thing. Basically what it boils down to is my body produces too much cerebral fluid and spinal fluid and it builds up pressure in the brain and tries to come out anywhere it can. For me that was my left eye. It caused my optical nerve to bleed and if I hadn’t finally decided something was definitely wrong and went to the eye doctor, who sent me to a nuerologist, I would have been blind very shortly. Of course before they finally figured out what it was, they thought that I had a brain tumor. I was put on medication 3x a day. Finally after a little over a year, I was in remission! Now my goal is just to lose weight and eliminate the possibility of a re-accorance. I also have fibromyalgia. I know by now you are thinking, is there anything this chick doesn’t have? Well, there is more but we won’t go there. The bottom line is losing weight and exercising will help everything. So here I sit, still recovering from bronchitis and a sinus infection, wanting to start walking etc. but I truly feel like curling up with my quilt and long-hair doxie. Guess who wins out. Maybe tomorrow! Happy Casey Dog!


Blogger Fat Chick said...

Ummm...your first born? Wait, that's me! Hey! Gee thanks mom.

January 04, 2006 8:25 PM  

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