Saturday, January 07, 2006

Goals and Stuff...

Hey, I was gonna post how I was doin’ since we started but it dawned on me that I had not really told you what I was gonna do or what my goals are, so here is the untold truths! (There are reasons they are untold!) Well, here goes...We started on Jan. 4th and my starting weight was 250. Our next weigh in is the 11th. I know the scale is not always my best bud so I also did my measurements. I will keep you informed of the progress there also. I am not on a diet per say, and I don’t want to be. I want to eat healthy foods for my body and particular health issues. I am trying to stay away from white flour and sugar. Also I want to make sure I get lots of fresh veggies and fruit. I am not going to cut carbs completely. I don’t believe that is healthy at all. I eat good carbs, such as brown rice, whole wheat pasta or a small potatoe. I used to eat cheerios in the morning but am finding that my diabetes is much happier without it. I have to be careful with the whole wheat english muffins. They do well for me combined with something else, but I tend to like them too much and they are very quick and easy to fix. So far I have been real good with my foods and I am trying to keep my portion size down also. I fail here sometimes. Ooooops! It’s a journey I am on. And I will fail. But not all the time! I had kind of a hard time this time getting all my water. Man, I felt like I was floating and only had 4-8oz. glasses. The next day it was 6-8oz glasses and then finally up to 8-8oz. glasses. Today my natural thirst has come back-yeah! I was actually craving water! I never have been able to exercise much but hope to make that commitment next week. I got a treadmill from my mom and whenever my dear hubby can get it in from the garage and set up, I hope to start walking a little at a time. I have bad knees and a prolapsed disc so I need to start very slow! I have a tendancy to over-do and then I am down for awhile. I used to take water aerobics, loved these and they didn’t bother me, but the pool closed and there is no others close by unless I want to go to the next state. Well, the 100 pound countdown is on. So check back and celebrate with us as the first pounds come off! Can’t promise we will always celebrate, but you can cry with us too! See ya at the weigh-in!


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