Monday, January 09, 2006

Just call me Betty Spaghetti

...because that is what my legs feel like right now!

Today is the day I set to start some sort of exercise regimen. I climbed on my exercise bike this morning , with a goal to ride 15 minutes. Afterall, I have not been on the bike in a year. I managed my 15 minutes biking 6 miles. Not a bad start. My heart rate was up and although I didn't "sweat", I could feel the burn in the legs. I eventually want to work up to 30, even 60 minutes a day of exercise.

Food-wise, I am doing well. I have gone nine days without a Mountain Dew. This is good considering I was totally addicted to the stuff. I have only missed it a couple times and when I do, I just drink a diet snapple lemonade. Not the same, but drastic times require drastic measures. I went to a fast-food resturant yesterday and did well. I had to call mom and ask her what I could have. I did sneak a french fry or two off my daughters plate and they tasted gross. Which made me happy. They were not my favorites (Mc Donalds fries) so that probably made it easier.

One of my biggest concerns now is just having enought money to continue eating well. It is such an additional cost to eat "healthy". Why is that?

Well, all for now. Going to go try to walk on these spaghetti legs, lol.


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