Thursday, January 12, 2006

The secret is out

I now know why my butt is huge. Those little Jimmie Dean sausage biscuits. I love those things and would eat them all the time for breakfast. 3, sometimes 4 of them. In my defense, they are really small. Well, today I went to make them for my little ones and I was dying with envy. That is until I took a moment to look at the fine print on the box. For two sandwiches it is 390 calories and 29 grams of fat. I would usualy eat twice that, along with a slice of velvetta on it and some ketchup. So we are looking at a 800 calorie/60 grams of fat breakfast. Just breakfast. No wonder my jeans are tight.

I have also learned in the short time that I have paying attention to this stuff, that it is kinda like being trained for a new job. You have to learn the ropes. I have not had a Mountain Dew this year! I finally got a scale. Not new so I am not sure if it work correctly. I would love to think it is broken, given the number it says I weigh, but I put the kids on. It is in the ballpark. I never weighed in when the new year started, but when I got on it earlier this week, it said 234 pounds. My jaw dropped because I although I knew I had gained, I thought I was still around 220. Yesterday it said 230, as well as this morning. Yuk.

This has all left me depressed. I am not sure if it is the lack of sugar or what, but I am totally depressed the last two weeks. I am going to perk myself up tomorrow by purchasing some tanning session and getting my hair cut and colored. Maybe if I start working on the WHOLE new me, instead just the weight loss, I will feel better. Gonna go paint my toe nails now...


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