Tuesday, August 29, 2006

309 Days to Go

Geez, I wasted almost a month messin' around before I finally went back on program and even gained weight. I hope I can still make my goal by July 4th.

I had a good day today also. I am having some difficulty drinking my water though! I go through this sometimes and am just not thirsty. What's up with that? Only had 40 oz. so far today. It is 10 pm and I am still drinking. I know what I will be doing tonight!

I started on my antibiotics today. They usually wipe me out. I am such a wimp with meds. I finally got brave and called my nuerologist to tell him that I started taking my Diamox again and the results of that. I was not looking forward to calling him beings I went against doctors orders by going back on them. He was very gracious though and admitted that it must be the psuedo tumor cerebri again. He was going to call in another prescription for me. I hate taking pills and I am taking all kinds of them again. Oh well, it has to be better than the headaches.

Do you weight watcher people out there have any ideas on what I can eat that is not too filling but that will add a few points for me? The problem I am having is I am not using all my points. Yesterday, I ate so much and still had four food points left. Today I have 7 points left. And then I had activity points also (which I don't plan to use) I don't just want to fill the points up with junk. I am going to get some yogurt which will help a bit as I don't always get my milk (dairy). Any ideas?

2 AP
21 points
water...yep (48 oz.) That's only the minimum, but maybe more tomorrow!

I need to snooze, so talk to ya all tomorrow! Thank you for the encouragement!

Oh, I forgot...if you think about it and are so inclined say a little prayer for me tomorrow, or send some good thoughts my way! I have to go in and do my Mom's grocery shopping. That's not bad, but she always wants to take me to lunch for coming in and doing it. (her way of feeling like she is paying for gas etc. and she loves to go out to eat) She lives in the next state. It's not really that far and I would gladly do it anyway, but this gives her an excuse to get to go out. This has been a downfall for me, food wise! She usually wants to go for hamburgers at a sit down restaurant or out for chinese. I need to be very careful. Now, I am really off to bed! Nite!


Blogger TC said...

whenever I need to bulk up my points for the day, I eat something like a whole grain peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It is fairly healthy, high in protein and adds a nice few points to your diet.

August 30, 2006 4:19 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

I see that you mentioned something about pseudo tumor cerebri. My friend in California was just diagnosed with that, and she has really been struggling with the meds they put her on, etc. How long have you struggled with this? Do you have any advice for her that I could pass along?
Thanks in advance.

August 30, 2006 6:27 AM  
Blogger ...jus me said...

Amy, I was diagnosed in 2001. It is pretty rare, but now I know of three people...aw the internet! I went on Diamox (acetazolamide) 3x per day. This is still a fairly low dose but after about a year and a half my nuerologist determined that I was in remission. So he weaned me off the meds and I did fine, just taking them occaisionally when my head got that real heavy feeling, and I was retaining fluid and of course the dreaded headaches. But in the last 7-8 weeks it has come back with a vengence. Total debilitating headaches. I used the meds at first for a couple days and lost like 9 pounds over two days. then a few days later it started again...back on the meds...same thing. Then I quit taking them to find out if it was that or just my imagination. The headaches were horrible and I could feel the heaviness and sloshing in my head and pressure in my neck as well. So I finally went to the doc again...he found nothing definative, but wanted me to see my eye doctor as it usually will cause an adema (hemorraging) in one or both eyes. There was nothing in mine...well duh...I had been on and off again on meds trying to keep it from getting that way. I can't get into the eye doc until the 7th and he didn't want me to take my meds...that lasted about 4 days. I couldn't stand the pain and the pain meds he gave me for headaches might as well have been sugar pills, so I went back on meds. I called my doc yesterday and he agreed that it was PTC. Finally. Geeez!
What meds is your friend on? My diamox made me sleepy at first but that will pass. It sometimes causes tingling in the hands and feet which is annoying but livable. I will say that this is nothing to play around with, you don't want to have a shunt put in if at all possible.
If you want more info, check out Kimmy at Snickerdoodles http://kimmyandjacob.blogspot.com
Kimmy has Psuedo Tumor and several other related conditions. She is a very brave single mom who deals with more than one person should ever have to. And somehow she still stays up and positive and an inspiration to us all.
Hope some of this helps. Tell her my prayers are with her.
Oh I almost forgot, I don't know if this applies to her, but losing weight is the best cure they have for PTC.

August 30, 2006 9:21 AM  

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