Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The things we do!

Ya know, the way I was feeling, I would not have gone to "family camp". My hubby soooo needed to get away from work and relax in a different atmoshere. That and the pre-paid site and activity fee, is the only reason I went.

It was all I could do to get everything together. Actually all I had to do was the house stuff. Hubby got all the outside stuff. Luckily we had a master camping list that I keep on my good ole puter. My daughter and I made it a couple of years ago when we went camping together. It proved to be a very good list.

I got carried away with junk food. Took anything and everything I could think of for hubby and I to munch on. I never buy this stuff so I really went crazy. Now I have all this junk in my house, cuz we hardly ate anything....ughhhh! And guess what? I don't want it! Thought we would share alot! Everybody was trying to share with us! My daughter and the twins came up on Saturday afternoon and even they didn't eat much of it. They made cute little creatures with the ritz crackers using the raisins and m&m's and peanuts from the trail mix for faces. Guess I will stick to fruit next year. I didn't bring any pop though! I drank water all weekend and got hubby "Talking Rain Ice" 20 calories per bottle. He doesn't need to watch his calories that much but I would love to see him NOT drinking pop.

My headaches were so bad yesterday I never really got any relief from it except when I was asleep. So guess what I did all day? Well, as much as possible! And I slept last night too. The congestion makes me snore even when I am awake...hate it when that happens!

The doc didn't want me to take any of my diamox until I saw the eye doctor but I can't get into him until the 7th and I need to get rid of this pressure so I can handle life again, so sorry doc, but I took my piddle pill! We will see if that helps. I have to get the pressure off before I can go get my neck adjusted also, and it needs it, and is contributing to the pain. It is a vicious circle. The pressure builds up, my headaches start, then because of the pressure my neck goes out and causes it's own headaches, then, even if I have it adjusted it will go right back out until all the pressure is down....what a mess I am!

Why do I try to post when I am hurting? All I do is whine! Sorry you guys! Goin to bed!


Blogger snackiepoo said...

Definitely take the Diamox...it is not like it can HURT you....the only thing it can hurt is the taste of soda, damned Diamox ;).

I am glad you don't have to go through the LP but sometimes, when I had them, I would suffer through it just to feel better all around.

Get better!

August 22, 2006 4:25 PM  
Blogger TC said...

(((hugs))) Sorry about the headache. I have TMJ and I get a lot of them. I know how hard they can be.

Congrats on not eating all the junk. It is awesome that you don't even want it!

August 23, 2006 7:46 AM  

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