Thursday, February 02, 2006

My bad

It was not been the best week. I weighed in yesterday and I gained a pound and a half since the wednesday before. This did not surprise me considering I blew off my newfound lifestyle in favor of McDonald's french fries, among other things. I took the week off, in other words. I am back in the game today and feel so much better about myself because of it.

I have not done any exercising, and have set that as my goal starting next monday. I know I can just start right now, but I am feeling tired, have way to much homework due, five sick kids and well my motivation is lacking right now. Baby steps.

I need to find some good recipes to make for the family. Low fat, and low cost would be awesome. I can not believe how much it costs to buy things that are healthy compared to non-healthy. Its like the food industry WANTS us to be overweight. Maybe the are in cohoots with the fitness and health industries. One has to fatten us up in order for the other to sell their products to skinny us back down. It's a consiracy I tell ya. So if there is anyone actually reading this blog that can you steer my to any recipe sites??


Anonymous marci said... has the BEST and easy low fat healthy recipes i have seen in one place. im on a TIGHT budget.. feeding 5 and i have to say.. im not doing too shabby with the food budget. the bonus is.. my family is LOVING the new recipes. she has some great ones.. especially the easy crock pot recipes.. check her out! :)

February 02, 2006 10:14 AM  
Anonymous marci said...

oops! spelled it wrong.. its LOL.

February 02, 2006 10:15 AM  
Blogger Fat Chick said...

Thank you Marci, I am going to check those out right away. We have five kids in our family, and at first I was just buying "my" food and "their" food to try and save some money. But really they could all use a diet change, so I want meals we can all enjoy. Thanks for the tip!

February 03, 2006 4:40 PM  

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