Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Measuring Tape--Friend or Foe?

Today is the day, I really find out how I have been doing! It's the one month mark on eating healthy, and time to face the measuring tape.

Now, I want you to understand that I take a massive amount of measurements to see how all of me is doing. 16 measurements in all. I am not going to go into all of them...BUT, (insert drum roll here please) I am proud to announce, I am no longer the proud owner of 23" of fat overall!

I lost 1 " in my bust,
3 1/4" in my waist,
2 1/4" in my hips,
2 3/4" in my tummy!

I'm a Happy Girl!


Blogger Fat Chick said...

Way to go mom, great news!!!!

February 04, 2006 11:16 AM  
Blogger ...jus me said...

Thanks Honey, love you, Mom!

February 04, 2006 12:41 PM  
Anonymous hopefulloser said...

Hey Ladies,
Awesome job so far! ...Jus me, I noticed you posted on my site and thought I would check you out. I've been lagging on finding new fellow losers :-)

This site looks great! I took some measurements a while back and will measure again soon to compare. I'm bad at measuring because I squeeze the tape too tight and get numbers that vary by a few inches :-)

I'm just hoping to get off of my plateau (however you spell that).
Good luck ladies and I look forward to sharing our journey! :-)

February 05, 2006 8:18 PM  
Blogger ...jus me said...

Hi Hopeful! Glad you came to visit! It's great to have friends to share the journey with. Come back any time.

I have better luck with the measurements than the scale. Scale can go up for practically no reason at all, but the inches don't lie!

I'm pretty happy about feeling better and having a smidge more energy!

Good luck with the plateau, they can be pretty discouraging sometimes! I usually lose about 30 something pounds and then just quit losing! Am hoping with some exercise this time it will be different! : )

February 05, 2006 8:55 PM  

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