Sunday, February 12, 2006

No Chickening Out!

Ok, I am gonna stick myself out here a bit today! We just signed up for family camp with our church. It is August 18th-20th! I want to lose 40 pounds which would put me under 200, by the time we go to faamily camp. I have 6 months and 6 days to do this! That seems reasonable to me. That's over 25 weeks! That is a healthy goal, don't you think so? I haven't really made any actual goals for pounds lost until now! Just eating healthy, no DEW and keeping active. So I guess it is time to put myself on the spot!
Once I get under 200 then it seems much more doable to me! Please help me guys! I need your support to get there! If any of you have any good low carb recipes, or super simple exercise programs,(remember I am a long time slug!)please pass them my way.
I started on my treadmill 3 weeks ago with just 5 minutes a day and am now doing 7 minutes a day. I am building up a little at a time.
Gotta run, I just had to get this in black and white so I couldn't chicken out! :)


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