Wednesday, February 08, 2006

That fat feeling Again!

I knew I was having a fat day! Did I just talk myself into it? I weighed this morning cuz it is "Wonderful Wednesday" again, and I didn't lose an ounce! I am a little dissapointed but, I know I have been doing pretty well with my meals even though I got a little off track with my portions a couple times, but all in all I was eating healthy. And the couple times that I feel I ate too much, it was chicken both times, better than mashed potatoes or pasta! I still have not added pasta back into my diet. I have all sorts of whole wheat pasta in the cupboard, in case a craving hits, but so far, I am ok! I usually have problems with eating too much protein! I tend to crave it! Anybody know why this is?

The only other thing I really have to be careful with, and it is only cuz I like it so much, is whole wheat english muffins. I eat one and I really want more. I do keep those on hand. So far I have been able to control myself. I wonder why I insist on buying them. Thay feel like comfort food to me!

I have been doing 5 minutes on the treadmill every day and then after a week I added another minute each day. Saturday I added two additional 5 minute sessions and Sunday I added one more 5 minute session. I have enjoyed walking on it and am changing it up some too as one time I will walk at a higher speed and then the next time I make it more caual and work my arms along with it. My muscles are probably in a state of shock that they are having to actually do something. They have been allowed to be idle for far too long. They are probably hurriedly building more mass, while they have the chance ( before I decide to give up and let the "flabby me" take control again! Anybody in "blogtown" have any ideas at how to not die of boredom while walking on the treadmill? I know you're out there... Help! 6 minutes takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r! And it is not that I am tired and need for it to be over, I just get so bored! I know some people read while they walk, but my eyes would pack up and run away if I tried to get them to focus while I was moving! They have a hard enough time when I am still! So if we really do have readers out there, drop me a quick comment and give me your ideas for my walking time pleasure! If you leave me to my own devices, I would have to teach fat cat(Harry, or Hairball, to you!)) to walk with me! And he is not gonna like that. He is almost 30 pounds of pure lazyness!

Gotta escape from cyber world now and get to bed! It is almost 11:00 pm and I reallly need my beauty sleep! Good Nite everyone, sleep tite!


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