Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sense of Impending Doom!

For some strange reason I seem to be dreading getting on the scale more and more each week, even though I have been doing pretty good! I have lost every week but one! I don't understand this feeling of impending doom! Personally, I think I am putting too much stock in what the scale says and letting it decide whether I am successful or not!

I think I need to fall back and regroup a little! I am starting to loosen up my eating a little more than I would like. And I can't seem to control my portions like I know I need to. I think I am going to take a scale break, after tomorrow, until the 19th of March which ends my love handles challenge. That will give me almost 3 weeks to concentrate on what I am doing and not to worry about the scale. I will still measure on the 4th as scheduled.


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