Monday, May 22, 2006

Too much cake!

Boy this weekend was a rough one! We went to a wedding on Friday night. I helped to cut the cake! I didn't even snitch any while we were cutting it, even though I would have liked to. I did break down and take a small piece. I only ate about four bites as it was not yummy enough to sacrifice the points. I was not too upset with that, but then Sunday afternoon, I had a bridal shower to go to. Now that cake was great and I did have a piece. I know, I am weak! Had to use some flex points. I really want to eat healthier than this and it irritates me when I break down and have it anyway!

I have done well today and have walked on the treadmill too so I finally will be getting some activity points in. There sure wasn't any this weekend. I know I can't beat myself up, so I am just gonna wipe the frosting off my face and get to it!


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